Rose Apricot Drift®

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Bontanical Name: Rosa 'Meimirrote' PP23,354
Common Name: Rose Apricot Drift®
Features: Drought Tolerant, Fragrant
Attracts: Attracts Butterflies, Birds
Resists: Resists Disease
Bloom Time: Spring - Winter
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Plant Size: 1 - 2 feet
Zone: Zone 5 - 10
Plant Brand: Drift Roses
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The Apricot Drift® Rose (Rosa) exhibits a true groundcover habit. Double apricot colored flowers begin in spring and display a season-long show of color. It is just as tough and disease resistant as others in the Drift® series. It is best suited for small sunny gardens or along paths and walkways. Now offered in a 5 gallon tree-form standard in 2021!