Portulaca Pazazz™ Vivid Yellow

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Botanical Name: Portulaca oleracea 'Pazazz Vivid Yellow'
Common Name: Portulaca Pazazz™ Vivid Yellow
Features: Heat Tolerant, Self-Cleaning, Drought Tolerant
Attracts: Attracts Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Resists: Resists Deer
Bloom Time: Spring - Winter
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Plant Size: 2 - 3 inches
Zone: Zone 9 - 11
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Portulaca oleracea 'Pazazz Vivid Yellow' is a low growing annual that is covered with vivid yellow flowers atop shiny-green succulent foliage. Portulaca's thrive in sunny locations with hot temperatures and low rainfall. Great plant for the front of the border, containers and hanging baskets as its trailing habit makes for an impressive display.