Hydrangea mac. Wee Bit Grumpy®

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Botanical Name: Hydrangea mac. Wee Bit Grumpy®
Common Name: Hydrangea mac. Wee Bit Grumpy®
Features: Compact Habit, Rebloomer, Great Cut Flowers, Salt Tolerant
Bloom Time: Summer
Light Requirements: Full Sun - Partial Sun
Mature Plant Size: 2 feet high by 3 feet wide
Zone: Zone 5 - 9
Plant Brand: Proven Winners
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Don't be fooled by its curmudgeonly name: Wee Bit Grumpy hydrangea will put a smile on your face! Like its sister plant, Wee Bit Giddy hydrangea, it was selected for its combination of pure, intense, saturated flower color and outstanding landscape performance. And its color is really something you must see to believe: in acidic soils, its big, full blooms take on a moody, dramatic deep purple-blue. They appear amid a neat, tidy mound of compact foliage that resists disease and stands up better to cold weather than conventional hydrangeas.