Fatsia Spider's Web

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Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web'
Common Name: Fig 'Spider's Web'
Features: Compact, Dwarf, Fall Blooming, Heat Tolerant, Salt Tolerant, Wet Tolerant, Fall & Winter Interest
Resists: Resists Pests & Disease
Bloom Time: Spring & Fall
Light Requirements: Partial Sun -Full Shade
Mature Plant Size: 4 - 5 feet tall & 3 - 5 feet wide
Zone: Zone 7 - 9
Plant Brand: Southern Living Plant Collection
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Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web', also known as Fig, this desirable rare evergreen has white splashing and dotting on broad, palmate leaves. The variegation changes with the seasons and as the plant ages. It has a compact habit and is disease and pest resistant. Moderately salt tolerant in well drained soils.