Viburnum Moonlit Lace®

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Botanical Name: Viburnum hybrid 'sPg-3-024'
Common Name: Moonlit Lace® Viburnum
Features: Seasonal Interest, Drought Tolerant, Compact, Rounded Habit
Attracts: Attracts Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Bees, Birds
Resists: Resists Deer
Bloom Time: Spring
Light Requirements: Full Sun - Partial Shade
Mature Plant Size: 4 feet
Zone: Zone 7 - 9
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Viburnum hybrid 'sPg-3-024', also known as Moonlit Lace® Viburnum. Round flower heads rise above glossy, green foliage on burgundy colored stems. Pink buds give way to beautiful, white blooms in the spring. The foliage gains a burgundy color in the fall. This robust plant is drought tolerant and deer resistant. Its compact habit and rounded shape is great for use as a border or hedge in mass plantings.