Hydrangea pan. Limelight Prime®

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Botanical Name: Hydrangea paniculata 'SMNHPPH' USPPAF, Can PBRAF
Common Name: Hydrangea Limelight Prime®
Features: Compact, Fall Interest, Drought Tolerant, Mounded Habit, Cut Flowers, Dried Flowers, Low Blooming
Bloom Time: Summer - Fall
Light Requirements: Full Sun -Partial Sun
Mature Plant Size: 4 - 6 feet high by 4 feet wide
Zone: Zone 3 - 8b
Plant Brand: Proven Winners
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Hydrangea paniculata ‘SMNHPPH’ Hydrangea®, also known as Hydrangea Limelight Prime™, this brand new shrub features all the same traits you love about Limelight in a more compact size, topping out at just 4-6 feet high by 4 feet wide. Limelight Prime™ also has better flower color, from its early summer green phase all the way through autumn's red and pink tones. In addition to it's lovely color, the strong, sturdy stems won't flop over, even under the weight of enormous blooms. Limelight Prime™ hydrangea can be grown as a flowering hedge, eye-catching specimen, or as the backdrop to a perennial or vegetable garden. It does well in large containers, and makes an outstanding cut flower, both fresh and dried. Blooming in mid-summer, the flowers start green and develop their pink/red coloration beginning in late August, when the weather gets cooler. Its long bloom period means you'll enjoy colorful flowers for 3+ months every year. Care for this hydrangea is fairly easy, just fertilize with one application of rose fertilizer in early spring and cut each stem back by about one-third its total height in late winter or early spring, and remove any thin, spindly branches. This builds a strong base while encouraging lots of new growth for dozens of fabulous flowers.